President: Hans Gregersen (Denmark, China)

Co-Presidents: Myung-Gyu Choi (Korea) – Larry S. Miller (USA) – David Nocca (France)










  OESO inaugurates its new website
with the announcement
of its 13th World Conference.


●   As you can see by the image beside,
the symbol of this event is borrowed
from the world famous Oceanographic Museum of Monaco,


●   and the caption parallels the mission
of OESO…


  At the same time, OESO is also inaugurating new opportunities
for membership. 


Among the advantages offered,
OESO members will be able to enjoy,

●   Special, streaming access to the DVDs
from the Conferences,


Details of this offer figure,
with many others, at the beginning
of the Membership Form

  Clinical case discussion
of the Month >

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