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  • Virtual Global interactive Staff Meetings around a clinical case


This first concrete achievement of our new virtual project was unanimously applauded.


The event was announced only a few days before the transmission through an OESO Newsletter.

In spite of this, there were 156 connections and 40 countries registered, which gave an early sign

of the potential impact of this series of multidisciplinary discussions to take place on the newly created OESO-SEMPIRE Virtual Channel.


The impeccable organization carried out by the President of the OESO Foundation (Frédéric Giuli), allowed for the smooth running of the well prepared and perfectly presented clinical case by the team of the Pilot Center in Milan: led by the highly experienced Professor Luigi Bonavina, Regional Officer for Europe of the Advisory Board of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform who was efficiently assisted by the junior faculty of the Department of Surgery: Prof. Emanuele Asti, Coordinator of the Pilot Center of Excellence of Milan, Dr. Stefano Siboni, Director of esophageal physiology lab, Division of General and Foregut surgery at the University of Milan, and Dr. Carlo Alberto Manzo, surgical resident.


The wise choice of the case presented allowed to constantly maintain the interest of the virtual audience through several stages, each one giving the opportunity to intervene to the members of the multi-disciplinary panel gathered for this discussion: George Triadafilopoulos, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Platform, co-organizer of the session, brought his insight and vast experience to the discussions, and John Clarke, Director of the Esophageal program at Stanford and Vice President of OESO, offered his most pertinent comments.


Hiroshi Mashimo, representing Harvard University and President Elect of OESO, contributed President Elect and representative of the prestigious Harvard University, contributed the strength of his experience when the discussion focused on the endoscopic and functional investigations performed on the patient.

Denis Collet, Professor at the University of Bordeaux, made an authoritative contribution to the ensuing in-depth exchange that assembled all the panel members to discuss onon the different therapeutic possibilities, as well as the particular modalities of the often complicated rehabilitation of such patients. In this field, the interventions of Carmelo Scarpignato and his internationally recognized experience in the fields of gastroenterology and clinical pharmacology were of particular interest.


The course of this first virtual multi-disciplinary discussion was enriched by the questions posed by the "virtual floor" gathered for the occasion.

The meeting ended after 2 full hours.

The comments received from the participants all referred the exceptional quality of the training program that can now be envisaged in various fields of Education, when it is carried out on the model that was proposed from Milan, with the active contribution of a prestigious multi-disciplinary panel.


This meeting was recorded by the OESO Foundation and will be available to all on the OESO website.

The event is referred to on Twitter.


Others will follow, at a rhythm of 4 to 6 weeks, following a program currently under study: each will be organized by one of the Pilot Centers of Excellence in Esophagology of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform with, for discussion, the potential participation of another Center in another part of the world.


These next multi-disciplinary educational sessions, the basis of OESO since its creation, will be accessible to all, in all countries, for a symbolic amount.

Their recordings will be completely free for OESO members.


Find us on our Newsletter, on our website, and on social networks to actively take part in the virtual sessions.

We are expecting many, very many, thus maintaining and constantly improving the educational level of our projects.










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