How to make the mass of information acquired over the years by OESO available to each one?

It is the role of the OESO Foundation, which renders tangible, and directly useful in daily practice, the very specific achievement of OESO's network of excellence bringing together, in 19 disciplines, prominent representatives of gastroenrerology from the world over.




The OESO Foundation


The OESO Foundation (Health Operating Polydisciplinary Expertise Services, HOPES) is an original enterprise, built on the collaborative previous working experience of over 20 years acquired through OESO, in which polydisciplinary skills, at the highest international level, were combined to focus on a single organ, the esophagus.


In a similar, but more ambitious perspective, the OESO Foundation is setting up worldwide, web-based services of information, updating, and Continuing Medical Education, extended to all digestive organs and dealing with all medical disciplines, for a global approach to the health-care requirements of populations.


The interest UNESCO has shown in the projects of OESO has been explicitly motivated by its innovative character and, in particular, by the opportunity made available to populations of developing countries to become effectively involved in the network at a moderate cost, and to have access to a virtual library or to international discussion forums.







The OESO Foundation

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