This project has two complementary aims:


1.   To expand the RAFT geographical coverage in two countries of West Africa: Togo and Ghana, and to deploy continuing education, tele-expertise and portable diagnostic devices to support care professionals active in remote facilities. This will be done using a method that has been developed and refined over the years and applied successfully in many other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The main goals are:

-  to establish an operational team for the national coordination;

-  to communicate about the project, and secure the buy-in and ownership of the health and education authorities;

-  to deploy activities in at least two sites: a reference hospital in the capital, and a distant hospital;

-  to demonstrate the added-value of the RAFT services and prepare the further deployment of the project in the country.



2.   To bring the multi-disciplinary expertise of the OESO network to the strategic partnership with RAFT and share the whole package of information, communication, and learning with multi-disciplinary societies for a growing network of education in medicine linked to existing projects and international stake holders of cultural properties like the UNESCO and the WHO.


This will be materialized by:

-  the establishment of an editorial board for contents, authors, and educational  strategies

-  the various means of transfer of knowledge

    .  courses in various disciplines accessible on the  web,

    .  monthly discussions of didactic clinical cases,

    .  organization of webinars with linking of cases  and materials when appropriate,

    .  inclusion of content suitable to general practitioners and students

-  the organization of specialized missions in developing countries

-  contribution to the development of dedicated centers in Africa

-  exploration of further dissemination of the OESO method of information, communication and learning to suited partner societies with a promising vision to join the project.





Scope of the project



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