12th OESO World Congress - Cancers of the Esophagus

From normal mucosa to tumor
Translating knowledge into cure

And here is the 12th Conference of OESO!

For the 12th time, and after only several months since the close of the 11th, a scientific program is being drawn up to propose yet another demonstration of the original OESO methodology:

- one, single subject,
- examined in all the different angles of multi-disciplinarity,
- an uninterrupted succession of pinpointed questions,
- concise, five minute responses.
- This 12th Congress will be the one of the continuity expected of the OESO procedure.
- It will as well be the one of a deliberate return to the theme that was chosen for our very first congress.

June 1984 – August 2013 - Almost 30 years after, a new assessment of the theme:
Way back then, where were Genetics, where were Epigenetics, where was gene targeted therapy, and what we call, in the 21st Century, "The intelligent Medicine"?

- The clinical sciences will, as before, be at the forefront with their recent advancements in the fields of epidemiology, nutrition, endoscopy, and mini-invasive surgery. - But this time, in addition, the Basic Sciences will be present in force with, heading the program, the Human Variome Project, along with the strategies for the prevention of cancer and its recurrences.
At OESO's instigation, it is a far reaching, quite exceptional, global view that is in the planning. And that is why other Organizations will mark this event with their, also exceptional, joint participation: the IARC and the WHO with the UNESCO, the Académie Nationale de Chirurgie, and several of the most highly reputed cancer centers in the world.

- The document that follows is an overall perspective of the four day conference that will be carried out according to an outline I have detailed further below. It will allow a glimpse at the diversity of the issues to be discussed, as summed up in the sub-title of the Conference : "From normal mucosa to tumor - Translating knowledge into cure".

- Three leading, world renowned figures from three different parts of the world will join forces to preside over this event and testify to its multi-disciplinarity:
- Richard G. Cotton, Scientific Director of the Human Variome Project, University of Melbourne,
- Brice Gayet, Professor of Surgery, Paris Medical School,
- George Triadafilopoulos, Professor of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, Stanford University.

- The Organizing Committee will be made up of leading experts from different parts of the world who are currently being approached to lend their experience to the task of drawing up this scientific program and of selecting those speakers most qualified to bring the congress to the highest possible level in 2013. The 9 members of the OESO Scientific Direction are rightful members of the Committee.

It is headed by two Presidents, Ernest Hawk and Eric Van Cutsem:

- Ernest Hawk, after holding several high positions at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, is currently the Director of the Prevention Program at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
- Eric Van Cutsem, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology at the University of Leuven, is President of the European Society of Digestive Oncology.

With them, we will soon be able to post the development of the program on the new OESO Website.

 - And OESO is proud to confirm its continued collaboration with the New York Academy of Sciences which will distribute the content of the Conference in a prestigious publication with simultaneous posting on PubMed.

Teams from the five continents have already confirmed their participation.
We shall regularly provide progress reports of our efforts to put together a scientific program that will make of these dates,

27 – 30 August 2013, in Paris,
a milestone in the field of cancers of the esophagus.

Get ready to take part,
- to see your colleagues again in the well known OESO tradition,
- to meet new ones whom today you don’t know,
- to provide your Fellows with a unique opportunity to be in the midst of a rare assembly of experts: and note that they can already start preparing a Poster that can deal with any subject on the upper digestive tract.

OESO Paris 2013, is already here!

See you there!
R. Giuli

I am interested in receiving information on the 12th OESO Conference 2013