Technique and tips in esophageal practice


The courses take into consideration the variable technical capacities of the connected sites, as well as the time differences existing with the areas of reception.


The program comprises the following features:


●  True multi-disciplinarity, following the original approach of OESO since its creation,


●  Two levels of competence

    - Current practice,

    - Specialized practice


●  Two formats of courses

    - Still images

    - Video sequences


●  Two means of transmission

    - From one, single site

    - From multiple sites, in the form of a discussion among several specialists on an anonymous case selected for its educational interest


●  Two ways of access

    - Real time, allowing for audience interaction with the teaching team

    - Pre-recorded, using a video available in the OESO Knowledge Interactive System


Technical Means

- The courses are prepared using an Instructor's Guide made up of screen shots showing the successive steps to upload the material on the OESO CME platform, to record the slides and videos using a new tool especially developed for the OESO Foundation then to give the course.

- A User's Guide, also presenting screen shots, shows how to access the OESO CME platform, to select a course, to follow the course, and to ask questions to the instructor.


Current offerings of the on-line CME Multi-disciplinary program


- #8hrs for "Current medical practice" divided into 4 sections: Gastroenterology and Medical therapy (R. Tutuian) - Endoscopy (I. Herrmann) - Esophageal motility (R. Tutuian - R.P. Tatum) - Esophageal surgery  (C.A. Pellegrini - R.P. Tatum - B.K. Oelschlager - R. Tutuian - G.M.del Genio - C. Schuhmacher- L. Biertho)


- #5hrs 30min for "Highly specialized practice" divided into 3 sections: Gastroenterology & Physiology (I. Herrmann) - Esophageal motility (R. Tutuian - R.P. Tatum -J.G. Brasseur - I.J.S. Cook - G.M. del Genio) - Esophageal surgery (R.P. Tatum - R. Hinder - B.K. Oelschlager - B. Gayet)


- Technique and tips in esophageal practice


The content of the OESO Post-Graduate Courses from the OESO World Congresses, presented in a “How-To” format are offered in several categories of esophageal practice. The intended audience will be the same as that for the current Online CME project, which are practicing physicians and trainees (residents and fellows) with an interest in the physiology and diseases of the esophagus.


In particular, this body of knowledge is expected to be of use to those physicians who practice in remote areas or regions with limited resources, but need to keep abreast of the latest practical knowledge in the field and who would get very practical updates on what can be done and how to do it.


This educational material, selected by the members of the OESO CME Task Force has been taken from the presentations made in the previous conferences.


Each online topic consists of an approximately 10-minute slide presentation with audio narration that can be easily uploaded online and streamed using the current OESO CME Platform. The proposed categories and topics within each have been put in a more organized format, and are as follows:


- Esophageal physiology and function testing

- Esophageal pathology - Technique and interpretation

- Treatment of esophageal motility disorders

- Esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus




The OESO courses on line



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