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Each of the specialists from all the 18 disciplines represented in the OESO contributed to build up this Organization which rapidly acquired its reputation of excellence in the international scientific community.


In becoming a member, I accepted to adhere to the original idea at the basis of the conception of the OESO, and to allow my personal scientific reputation to uphold this distinctive society which has steadily continued, since 1978, to successfully serve the advancement of the discipline of esophagology.


I approved the aims as defined in the Bylaws of the OESO.


As an expert in my field, I shall continue to foster the founding spirit and the aims of the OESO, and I shall strive to broaden the reach of its achievements amongst the national and international bodies to which I belong.


In general terms, as a member of the OESO, I consider myself as vested with the responsibility to represent a part of what this multi-disciplinary Organization signifies, and to contribute to maintain its scientific credibility and its reputation of excellence.


The OESO Charter




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