An important educational event will take place

at Stanford University on April 27, 2018,

under the umbrella of the OESO Foundation Inter-University, Multidisciplinary platform of Esophagology.

The Stanford Esophageal Multidisciplinary Program in Innovative and Research Excellence (SEMPIRE) is hosting a one-day course (see agenda) that will cover many medical/surgical aspects of esophageal disease, both diagnostic and therapeutic.


At the same time, the stage will be set for many more sites around the globe to participate in the


OESO – Stanford Medicine SEMPIRE
Inter-University Multidisciplinary Platform of Esophagology,


first announced in Geneva in September 2017. This global platform will bring together medical and surgical practitioners caring for patients with esophageal disease closer to scientists and innovators who are at the frontiers of basic, translational, or clinical research creating an invaluable interface that undoubtedly will benefit patients.

If you wish to participate in this free educational course on April 27, 2018, please contact Diane Ayala at:


Looking forward to seeing you at Stanford.



George Triadafilopoulos, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine

Stanford University School of Medicine

President of Honor, OESO


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