Piero Biancani (USA)

H. Worth Boyce (USA)

Cedric G. Bremner (South Africa)

D.O. Castell (USA)

Gregorio Chejfec (USA)

Alberto Del Genio (Italy)

Tom R. Demeester (USA)

John Dent (Australia)

Mitsuo Endo (Japan)

Brice Gayet (France)

Karel Geboes (Belgium)

Thomas H. Gouge (USA)

Raj K. Goyal (USA)

Richard H. Hunt (Canada)

Lawrence F. Johnson (USA)

Meyun Ke (China)

David P. Kelsen (USA)

René Lambert (France)

C.J. Lightdale (USA)

Ravinder K. Mittal (USA)



Philippe Monnier (Switzerland)

Roger Mosimann (Switzerland)

Roy C. Orlando (USA)

Mark B. Orringer (USA)

C.A. Pellegrini (USA)

Alberto Peracchia (Italy)

Richard E. Sampliner (USA)

Vincenzo Savarino (Italy)

Melvin Schapiro (USA)

Reza Shaker (USA)

J. Rüdiger Siewert (Germany)

Stuart Jon Spechler (USA)

Yvette Taché (USA)

Kaiyo Takubo (Japan)

Guido N.J. Tytgat (Netherlands)

Melissa Upton (USA)

Francisco Vilardell (Spain)

Roy K.H. Wong (USA)

John Wong (China)


Members of Honor

They have helped us over the years to build OESO’s reputation,
they have left stamps on OESO, that are still present today.



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