●  A clinical case, selected for its didactic interest, is proposed each 3rd Wednesday of the month, and widely diffused by a blast e-mail to some 14,000 corresponding members of OESO.


- Connection to a link allows access to a Forum. This connection is free of charge and requires only the e-mail address which serves as the log-in.


●   The presentation of the case is done by the Chief Coordinator following the format developed
at the University of Vienna and with the help of the OESO Foundation and the team from HON: it comprises the necessary information to its correct evaluation, along with selected images that can be studied in detail on full screen. All the preceding cases can be accessed with the same connection: the medical history is first briefly summarized, with all relevant illustrations from the patient's file. The starting point of the discussion is there, allowing the community to react to the case, the information being combined with the database of the OESO Foundation.


●  The second part of the case presentation is then carried through on the following Monday, again sent to the same 14,000 corresponding members,  with  the Coordinator summing up the diagnostic commentary and the therapeutical  means of  treatment.


●  The entire discussion will, in fine, have lasted one full week on the Forum., one being able to connect at any time, day or night, from whatever part of the world  he/she is, and intervene in one of two ways:

- either to advance an opinion on the diagnosis or the treatment, and directly interact with other participants by inserting several lines of text in the space provided on the Forum,

- or, in a more discreet manner, by only observing the exchanges and comments as spectator during the entire week of discussion.


●  At the same time as the case discussion, all uses of certain terms are numbered and
referenced in one of the volumes of the OESO Encyclopedia of Esophagology (OESO Knowledge Interactive Information System ) put online by the OESO Foundation: a click on one of  the icons of the key words gives immediate access to the corresponding text(s) in the book(s).

 The texts can also be accessed through an original system of "Audio Reading" to avoid on screen reading. )


This vast undertaking testifies to the multi-disciplinarity of OESO, one of its founding principles.

Its bears witness to the exemplary cooperation existing between the OESO Foundation and the University of Vienna where a team at each Institution participates in the careful choice of cases, their prior adaptation to the strict format of the Forum, to the insertion of key words, and to the functioning of the week long discussion.


●  To date the OESO Foundation has now at its disposal a selection of cases mainly discussed between specialists, which lends particular attraction to some clinical settings  where the literature is somewhat new and does not commonly allow for public exchanges between top, world renowned experts.


Access to this library of cases represents a valuable addition to the written literature that may be found on the web and has now become a important instrument to acquire knowledge and to enrich it month after month.





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