Calendar 2018

This first program reflects the spontaneous interest shown in the prospects of the Platform by the first Founding Pilot Centers who addressed proposals to OESO / Stanford for course curricula in accordance with the terms of the launching document of the Platform (see


This list is not exhaustive.

It will be completed in the coming weeks and will include the details on the practical functioning of the network,

  • conditions for access to detailed programs, number of places offered,
  • means offered for exchanges of experts or young people in training wishing to benefit from a short or extended stay in one of the Centers of Excellence of the Platform.


Information will be posted, as it becomes available, on the websites of OESO, Stanford, and participating universities.


  • Milan (Luigi Bonavina)
    Advanced courses in esophageal surgery
    (2d) October 2018


  • Melbourne (Matthew Read)
    Theoretical & practical course on multidisciplinary Esophagology
    (2d) October 2018


  • Rennes (Bernard Meunier)
    Multidisciplinary course on esophageal cancers
    (2d) November 8-9, 2018


  • Bangkok (Sutep Gonlachanvit)
    Workshop on investigation procedures for esophageal function
    (2d) November 22-23, 2018


  • Bordeaux (Denis Collet – Frank Zerbib)
    Workshop on gastro-esophageal reflux
    (1d) December 6, 2018


  • Genève (Stefan Mönig – Jean-Louis Frossard)
    Multidisciplinary course on esophago-gastric reflux – Eso-gastric cancers
    Live operations: Robotic Toupet – Nissen / Laparoscopic Nissen

    (2d) December 6-7, 2018


  • Vienne (Daniela Kandioler – Sebastian Schoppmann)
    Live demonstrations and course on reflux surgery
    (1d) December 15, 2018



The programs of other Centers will be posted on the same sites as the information is received. Programs are expected from Stanford – Harvard – St Louis – El Paso – Beijing – Tokyo – Utrecht – Amsterdam – Nairobi – Chennai – Sao Paulo.


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